Discount Delivery Program

Proven to increase order volume by 30-50%

Joining the Discount Delivery Program has proven to be the simplest way to increase order volume. By contributing a set dollar amount per order (ranging from $1 to $5) toward the booking fee, you're lowering the customer's delivery expense, thus gaining more customers!


Added Benefit

Our app and website sort restaurants by price, distance and popularity. With this algorithm, lowering your booking fee brings you closer to the top of search results for users in your area. More eyeballs on your menu, means more orders!


How to join!

  1. Reach out to or your local restaurant sales representative and request that your discount delivery contribution be updated. Include how much you would like to contribute per order. 

  2. Review your merchant panel at month end for total cost and your return on investment.

  3. If you have problems or questions regarding your statement or want to change your discount contribution, contact